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The Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Unit has the first line responsibility for the investigation and enforcement of The City of Prince Albert Bylaws and various related Provincial Statutes.  The Provincial Statutes currently enforced by the Unit include: The Cities Act, Division 4 and Division 5; The Traffic Safety Act; The Litter Control Act: The Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997; The Noxious Weeds Act; and The Summary Offences Procedure Act.

With the creation of this new Unit in the fall of 2006, citizens have now enjoyed the ability to lodge complaints relative to civic Bylaws 24 hours per day, 365 day per year, through the Police non-emergency line @ 953-4222.  Bylaw Special Constables now augment each of the Service's four (4) Patrol Platoons in responding to Bylaw specific complaints and following up on them with the appropriate investigative measures.  Their services are available on most days 7:00 AM through 2:20 AM.  Identical to the regular members of the Service, Bylaw personnel are dispatched through the communications center; utilizing the same technology in computer aided dispatch and in-car laptops.  Citizens may now have become accustomed to Bylaw Special Constables, (sworn members of the Service), patrolling the City's streets and recognize their distinctive "blue" accented uniform, from the familiar "red" of municipal police in Saskatchewan.

Municipal Bylaw Enforcement is about drilling down into the root causes of crime and taking care of the neighborhood amenity issues that ultimately reduce crime and provide a level of safety and comfort to the community.    

The Unit consists of five (5) full time members, including one Supervisor. In 2009 members attended 2,855 calls for service, resulting in 420 investigations.   Priorities of the Unit are:

  • Housing/Property Standards
  • Streets
  • Animal Control


The Supervisor, (Bylaw Manager), of the Unit is responsible for the development of policies and procedures, training, scheduling of manpower, recruiting, assigning of duties, supervision of Unit members.   The Bylaw Manager is a member of the Police Service's Administrative Team and reports/liaises regularly through the Chief of Police to the Board of Police Commissioners, City Council and senior civic administration on Bylaw related issues within the City.

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