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Cats and Cat Traps


Cats in the City of Prince Albert must be licensed.

The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, Bylaw No. 34 of 2010, states that cats are not allowed to "run at large" in the City.

We strongly recommend keeping cats indoors because they live longer, healthier and safer lives.  The average life span of an indoor cat is 12 to 15 years compared to 2 to 5 years for an outdoor cat.  This difference is due to the dangers cats face outdoors such as traffic, unfriendly animals, poisons, diseases, frostbite, dehydration and abuse from humans. 

In Prince Albert, the bylaw states that cats must not be "at large," this means that they must be confined to their owner's property. The easiest way to comply with the Bylaw is to keep cats indoors.

Keeping cats indoors also eliminates problems incurred when cats roam onto neighbouring property.  Often annoying cat behaviors such as digging, meowing, mating or spraying cause neighborhood disputes.

Despite popular belief, cats don't need to go outdoors.  Indoor cats can live fulfilled and happy lives without going outside.

Cats, unlike dogs, are very elusive in nature and are difficult to apprehend.  Should you be experiencing unwanted cats on your property the most effective and humane way of dealing with the problem is to attend the SPCA and obtain a cat trap. Rental for a cat trap is $5/day. You have a responsibility to monitor the trap frequently as to prevent any undue stress to the animal.  Should you know the identity of the offending cat's owner Bylaw Officers will investigate with a view of correcting the problem through warning or prosecution.

There is nothing prohibiting private citizens from using a private cat trap as long as it is being done in a humane manner. Any cat caught must be immediately taken to the SPCA located at 1125 North Industrial Drive, turned over to a Bylaw Enforcement Officer, or returned to the owner.

Persons using private traps should be aware that if the trap causes an animal any harm, they could be held liable under The Animal Protection Act, 1999 and/or the Criminal Code.

Any one having questions related to Cats or the use of traps can contact the Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Unit at 953-4906.

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