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Traffic Bylaw/Streets


Bylaw No. 16 of 2005, The Traffic Bylaw, is enforced by regular members of the Police Service and predominately by Special Constables within the Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Unit.  Streets and traffic related issues consume approximately 30% of the investigational time of Bylaw Officers.  Parking, with the exception of metered parking in the downtown core, is enforced city-wide by Bylaw Officers.  During 2009, the Unit seized 110 vehicles  and in 2010, the Unit seized 152 vehicles from city streets that were in violation of the Traffic Bylaw.  

Citizens should be aware of the commonly investigated violations that invoke enforcement action


  • Parking of vehicles with gross vehicle weight in excess of 7,500 kilograms or a length greater than eight (8) meters on residential streets.  This would typically translate to dual wheeled trucks one ton and greater, large motor homes, and school buses as examples.
  • Parking in an alley; within 1.5 meters of a fire hydrant; on any city boulevard; in any manner that blocks access too, or within two meters, of a sidewalk crossing to a private road or driveway, except with the consent of the owner of the private road or driveway.
  • Parking on any street without displaying a valid license plate or permit.  On-street parking without insurance will automatically invoke seizure.
  • Parking of trailers on any street without tow vehicle attached.
  • Parking on any street for a period of more than 48 consecutive hours.  Vehicles remaining in violation will invoke seizure.
  • Parking on any street - left side to curb
  • Riding of skateboards, scooters, or bicycles on sidewalks or other public places within the downtown core as described in Schedule 18 of the bylaw.
  • On street vehicle repair - unless emergent
  • Depositing snow and/or ice onto a city street or sidewalk
  • Parking on designated snow routes while declaration in effect
  • Operation of a vehicle, including any trailer, at the landfill site or in transient to the landfill site with waste not covered as to prevent debris falling out of vehicle.


Citizens should also be aware of Bylaw No. 11 of 2007, The Prohibition of Motor Vehicles in Public Places Bylaw, making it an offence to ride an ATV or snowmobile anywhere within the corporate limits of The City of Prince Albert.  This includes areas north of the river in Nordale, the Little Red River Park, and those areas along highway No. 55 East to the Domtar site.  This Bylaw also makes it an offence for any motor vehicle to be operated on the Rotary Trail with the exception of law enforcement, ambulances, or public service vehicles.   Violators are liable for $150.00 fine and the Bylaw provides for seizure of the vehicle being operated at the officer's discretion.


Further information about the Traffic Bylaw and Streets issues can be obtained by calling the Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Unit office at 953-4906.

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