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Restitution Process and Application Form for Victims of Crime



Download the Restitution Application

Restitution is money paid to a victim for the actual loss or damage resulting from a crime. The judge may order the offender to pay money to you as the victim. This is one way the offender can make up for the harm you have experienced.

Restitution may be ordered for:

  • damage or loss to your property;
  • financial loss or expenses due to a physical injury; or
  • the actual expenses of temporary housing, food childcare, transportation or for moving out of the offender's household where the harm is to the offender's spouse or child.

To get restitution, you have to complete the Restitution Application. Send it to the investigating police officer or prosecutor as soon as possible. This form will provide the prosecutor with the necessary information to ask the judge to order restitution if someone is found guilty.

If you need help completing the form, contact Victims Services at your local police service or the investigating police officer. Do not send your Restitution application to the Restitution Co-ordinator. Return your Restitution application to your investigating police officer.

In the meantime, take whatever steps you feel are necessary to repair the damages you have suffered. Keep the actual invoices or bills for cost of repairs, replacement and/or other directly-related costs.

If the person who committed the crime is a young offender (under the age of 18), you may wish to contact the local office of the Department of Community Resources and Employment.

If the offender is convicted, the judge may ask a probation officer to prepare a report about your loss and the offender's ability to pay restitution. The judge will consider the report and all the facts. The judge will then decide whether ordering restitution is appropriate.

When restitution is ordered, you will be advised of the amount and the deadline by which the offender has to pay it.

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