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November 6, 2014 - Positive Ticketing Campaign

The Positive Ticketing Program is a Prince Albert Police Service initiative that enables officers to reward youth for positive behavior.  Patrol members issue positive “tickets” to youth who are nominated or observed doing something to better the community or themselves by making healthy, positive choices in relation to their behavior, decisions or actions.  (e.g., shoveling a public sidewalk, picking up trash, observing school crossing rules, deterring crime, etc.)   “Tickets” are actually coupons or gift certificates donated by local businesses that allow youth to redeem items or experiences like a Raiders game, movie at Galaxy Cinemas, Slurpee, Froster, french fries, hamburger or an ice cream cone.  We are very fortunate to have several local businesses on board with the Positive Ticketing campaign.   We would like to thank the following;

Prince Albert Raiders     Galaxy Cinemas 
Dairy Queen     A & W
McDonalds      Mac’s
7/11       PA Fast Print

By issuing the positive tickets, police officers can develop a rapport with youth in their patrol areas using a less authoritative approach.  It reinforces positive behavior by offering something of value.   Variations of the Positive Ticketing Program have been established across Canada in communities such as Richmond, Kelowna, Grand Prairie and Toronto. The initiative has shown that strategic, community-based partnerships can help prevent crime and strengthen communities.

Youth who receive a positive ticket will find the name and badge number of the issuing officer as well as a note specifying what the youth did to deserve recognition.  The type of reward will be issued at the discretion of the officer. 

Though the reasons for issuing the coupons may vary, the result of this program is the same in every case:  a positive police and community interaction.

The Prince Albert Police would like to invite members of the media to attend City Hall foyer at 1:30pm on Friday, November 7, 2014.  We would like to highlight and explain the program but more importantly show our appreciation to all the businesses and organizations that have provided prizes for this fantastic initiative. 
Sgt Brandon Mudry


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