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Addictions Strategy - Core Themes


  • Because we have a plan and an infrastructure in place for which there is consensus by the core agencies, community-based organizations, the community and service organizations, as well as the government, if given the financial support today, we could begin tomorrow.

  • We are committed to building on what we have in place, improving the linkages between and among services and constructing the new services and supports needed from this solid foundation.

  • We strongly believe that the response to addictions will require the support and involvement of the whole community. Although there is a very large role for health, addiction is not just as health issue; it is an education, justice, social services, community and human issue.

  • Families need support when one of their members has a substance abuse issue. The family is the basic unit in our strategy and as such is critical in the recovery and treatment of the addicted individual.

  • Our strategy provides a framework that is comprehensive, integrated, involves the whole community, and includes:

    • Prevention
    • Intervention
    • Long term Treatment
    • Improved Enforcement
    • Changing the Community Context to be more family enabling and supportive of positive developmental outcomes for all especially, children and youth.

  • To create a safe community ¡V a community where people can live, learn, work, and play in ways that enhance their individual and collective well-being ¡V we need to integrate ongoing efforts in

    • Crime Prevention
    • Substance Abuse
    • Injury Prevention
    • Domestic Violence
    • Youth Employment
    • Stay-in-school Initiatives
    • Poverty Reduction
    • Housing and Homelessness

  • We need to work together in different ways, expand our notions of the Circle of Care and together provide a strong Social Safety Net that supports all individuals and families, especially the most at-risk during times of transition when they are most vulnerable.

  • We need to develop the strategies and protocols for working together in this new way to increase our efficacy (doing the right things) and our efficiency (doing things right).

  • We need to equip of front line staff to work in interprofessional contexts to improve the quality of care for individuals and their families. This is where the ¡¥rubber meets the road¡¦ and we must invest in preparing our staff to work in new ways to improve outcomes for all.

  • We are committed to developing interprofessional learning and training opportunities so that we can build common understanding of the issues that honour the unique contributions of all the professionals and community members.

  • We are committed to working for the common good of our citizens and our communities. There is no room for turf protection in this framework; rather, we will work to develop a seamless weave of services and supports that recognizes that the strengths and abilities of all agencies will be required to make a difference. We realize that different agencies will assume lead roles for various parts of our strategy. This will enable us to create a network of supports that mobilizes existing mastery and builds new collective capacity.
    In summary, our framework and strategy exemplifies Consensus, Support, and Structure. We have

    • The consensus of every human-service agency in the region that our strategy is the way to resolve addictions with minimal financial costs.
    • Unparallel support from our public, our community is ready to act now - the attendance at a recent Prince Albert public rally would require Saskatoon or Regina to have over 10,000 people to attend to match it on a per capita basis.
    • The governmental, accounting, and organizational structures in place so that if we got a check today, we could start tomorrow.
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