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Family Safety


Domestic Violence is defined as any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship. It may include a single act of violence, or a number of acts forming a pattern of abuse through the use of assaultive and controlling behaviour. The pattern of abuse may include:
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Stalking, and
  • Threats to harm children, other family members, pets, and property
An intimate relationship is defined as a relationship between opposite-sex or same-sex partners. These relationships vary in duration and legal formality, and include:
  • Current and former dating relationships,
  • Current and former common-law relationships,
  • Current and former married relationships, and
  • Persons who are the parents of one or more children, regardless of their marital status or whether they have lived together at any time.
Domestic Violence affects every segment of geography, income and social status. Abuse is found in every community in our country and thousands of incidents of domestic violence occur every year.
The sad news is that many incidents go unreported. Many of the households where domestic violence occurs also have a child or children present, which mean there is usually more than one victim. Taking the courageous step to reach out is the first step toward making change and the first step towards safety. No one deserves to be abused.
Domestic Violence is a priority of the Prince Albert Police Service. It negatively affects all aspects of society. Children who grow up witnessing this violence are affected for life. Abusers, unless held accountable for their actions, continue to commit acts of violence and intimidation.
The Prince Albert Police Service is committed to providing a timely and effective response to Domestic Violence. The police service, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Services, Prince Albert Parkland Health Region’s Community Against Family Violence, and the Prince Albert Grand Council’s Urban Services, are committed to working together to help families find emotional and physical safety and to work with the community to end the cycle of violence that so often damages and destroys families.
There are many options available for someone wishing to leave an abusive relationship:
An Emergency Intervention Order is a protection order that can be obtained by police, Victim Services Unit, and Mobile Crisis Unit in an emergency family violence situation. An EIO can order the abuser to stay away from a victim, a victim’s children and a victim’s home. Most EIOs are usually applicable for one month.\
If a person fears for their safety due to immediate threats or actions of another person, a Peace Bond is an order from the court that requires another person to “keep the peace” and obey any other conditions the court may add.
A Restraining Order is applied for in the same manner as a Peace Bond, but is a criminal code charge.
Reporting Abuse
Police (Emergency)   911
Prince Albert Police Service (Inquiries and Complaints)   953-4222
RCMP (Inquiries and Complaints)   765-5500
PAPS Victim Services (Advocacy, Support, Information)   953-4357
PAPS Aboriginal Resource Officer (Advocacy and Support)   953-4259
Mobile Crisis Unit   764-1011
Ministry of Social Services   953-2422



Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission   1-800-667-3764
Seniors Legal Assistance Service   1-800-667-9886



Sexual Assault Counselor   764-1039
Mental Health Centre   765-6055
Indian & Metis Friendship Centre (Family Worker)   764-3431
P.A. Grand Council Urban Services   765-5300
Kid’s Help Line   1-800-668-6868
Addiction Services   765-6565
New Choices for Men   765-6055



Safe Shelter for Women

YWCA   763-8571
Our House   922-6162
Children’s Haven   922-4454
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